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A Different Outlook on Frugality | Frugal & Simple

A Different Outlook on Frugality

Have you ever had a moment when a simple conversation changed the way you thought? A conversation about a bottle of lotion gave meĀ a different outlook on frugality.

Growing up I would give 10%, save about 40% and spend the rest because I really enjoyed shopping. I even went through this phase around 14 where I only wanted to wear “name brand” clothes, I remember buying a pair of $36 jeans that I only wore 3-4 times! I loved buying purses, shoes, expensive lotions and lip glosses! Once I was out of that phase, I started shopping clearance racks and being “smart” with my money!

When I moved to college, I was taking care of my finances. I had a full scholarship that paid for tuition, housing and had a little money left to live on. My parents purchased my vehicle but I had to pay for insurance, gas, oil changes and other maintenance. I realized that I had to live within my means but I still was shopping for fun because I had money in my checking account. I wasn’t buying $36 dollar jeans, instead I was shopping at thrift stores and clearance racks but I was buying things that I didn’t truly need.

I started dating my husband right before beginning my freshman year of college. A few months later we were seriously talking about marriage. I remember very vividly a conversation we had one night that really changed my perspective of money and gave me a different outlook on frugality.

It was late November and my roommate and I had been Christmas shopping. One of our stops was Bath & Body Works and I purchased a bottle of Pearberry lotion because it was my “favorite” scent, I believe it was even “on sale” for $8 or so!

Later that night I was talking to my then boyfriend {now husband!} and he asked about my evening. I told him I had been shopping and then proceeded to share about my purchases I’d made thus far. I mentioned the $8 lotion and he told me something along the lines of “if you want us to be married soon, you can’t waste your money on stuff like that.”

Wow! At first I was a little offended, it was my money after all. The more I thought about it, I realized he was right, if we didn’t spend $8 on a bottle of lotion or $2 on a drink or $10 going out to eat we could save more and be married sooner. Were the small sacrifices worth it? Certainly!

By committing to give up the little things and save more we were able to be married just 6 months later. Sure we lived {and still do} on a tight budget but it’s amazing how much you can save when you stop shopping for fun and purchasing things you don’t truly need!

And that bottle of lotion, I didn’t even use half of it and it’s long gone!