The Simple Things: A New Diaper

Paxton received a package this week!

His new Bum Genius 4.0 with snaps arrived! Can’t you tell he’s excited about his new diaper!! (Mama was very excited too!)

Here’s the new Bum Genius 4.0! They are making the 4.0’s with both the hook & loop (velcro) and snaps! I purchased our 4.0 with snaps since all of our 3.0s are hook & loop.

These diapers cost $17.95 (I used a gift card to Cotton Babies to pay for ours!)

I just love cloth diapering! We have a stash of cloth diapers and it’s fun to add diapers in!!

It’s the simple things, I never would have thought receiving a diaper in the mail would be fun but when we’re saving money and not adding more diapers to landfills it is exciting…plus they’re really cute!!

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6 Replies to “The Simple Things: A New Diaper”

  1. I'll be interested to hear your review! I haven't splurged on a new 4.0 yet but we'll probably get some in the future. Our stash is pretty full with 3.0s (which I love!) but there are some mediums AIOs in there I expect she'll outgrow eventually. I'm not a huge snap fan but I'm curious how these new ones work for everyone. Our little girl is very tall (28 inches at 6 months) so I fear the rise on the 3.0s won't last us forever. Can't wait to hear what you think!

    1. Mary,

      So far I like it (of course that is after one wear!) It is basically the same as the 3.0s but obviously with snaps. I love my hook & loop diapers but I've heard that they tend to wear out much faster than snaps!! (My 3.0s are the diapers I take on the go because they are so easy to use!) I've also been told by other cloth diapering mamas that as kids get older they easily figure out the hook and loop and take their diapers off (eww…) and that snaps are harder for them!

      1. I've heard the same thing regarding kids taking them off. I just have such a hard time with the snaps that we use now (the Flip) with her flipping and wiggling and she's only 6 months! I can't imagine trying to wrangle a more mobile baby into a snap diaper! I think I'll have to give them a try though! Can't ever have enough diapers right? 😉

        1. The snaps definitely are more challenging!! And you're so right, you can never have enough diapers! (I just love cloth diaper!!)

  2. I do to! It's amazing how much I enjoy shopping/using something that my daughter soils every day! 🙂

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