The $215 Goal

I love setting goals! They give me something to work hard towards. A big goal that John David and I have is to pay off our home in 15 years instead of 30 (and we’d love to pay it off even sooner but 15 is the realistic goal now!)

In order to reach the big goal, we have to make an extra principal payment of $215 per month, which we are able to do most months.

I’m adding a smaller goal that will help us achieve the big goal even faster: sell $215 worth of our unwanted stuff in the next 6 months!

That doesn’t seem like much, only about $35 a month but it’s $215 off of our mortgage as well as less stuff in our home!

I’ve started off on a good foot, I made 2 eBay sales already! That’s just a small step but I’m taking it one item at a time!

I’ll share our progress on “The $215 Goal,” each month. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to say we’ve accomplished it!

Do you set challenging goals?

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  1. good luck on your goal! Mine is save to save $3062.50 a month for the next 11 mths! Am I reaching a little high lol! Oh and I want to earn an extra $150 a mth as well. I guess we will see how it goes!

  2. What a great goal!

    I'm not sure what you're selling on Ebay, but if it's Amazon-able, you might want to try over there. I've been listing random stuff and leftover homeschooling books and I've sold 16 things so far!! I'm stunned but very happy 🙂 In fact, I shipped a spelling book and some flashcards this morning.

  3. Yes, I set challenging goals. Sometimes, too challenging (and unrealistic.) Unfortunately, we are not able to complete one of our goals this year of paying off a little over $25,000 in debt. We HAVE paid off one of the three debts in April or May. We are working on the second debt right now (hubby's car loan.) We are doing all that we can to pay off this second debt by November 1st. Current Balance: $6993. This is my husband's car loan. If we are able to pay this off, we have $7767 more to pay off for the 3rd debt (a Credit Card my husband brought into the marriage with debt – 4 years ago!), and then we can call Dave Ramsey and shout "WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEE!!!!" (except the house).

    I am bummed that we arent going to meet goal of paying $25,000 in debt off; however, we wouldnt have been able to LIVE in the past year if we would have paid off that amount of money. We decided that we were going to cut back, but enjoy life. I am happy, and he is too. It is quite an accomplishment to have paid off $17,233 in a year!

    1. That is still awesome! I think $17,000 paid off is amazing and I know you'll be able to wipe out all of your debt next year!! Be sure to tell me when you are going to call Dave so I can listen! I can't wait to celebrate with you!!!

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