A Clean Table

I love a clutter free and well organized home! However, I realize that with a growing family my home will never be completely free of clutter and perfectly organized! In fact my husband often reminds me that we live here and it’s not going to be perfect! Even though we live here, I still make attempts to have an orderly home!

A few weeks ago I make a home management discovery: A Clean Table

After 2 weeks of focusing on keeping our kitchen table clean I’ve found that I no longer am exclaiming “our house is a mess!” It was our main clutter zone and focusing on keeping this area clutter free has really helped keep our house looking much neater and helps me feel like a better homemaker!

What is your main clutter zone?

I challenge you to identify that clutter zone and make attempts to clear it off and keep the clutter away and see if it doesn’t change your perspective on your entire home!!

5 Replies to “A Clean Table”

  1. Ugggh! For SURE my dining room table… mostly because it's the first flat surface you come to when you walk in the door! It's completely a dumping ground… I definitely need to try your tactic!

    1. Our kitchen table is right beside the door we come in too so it just attracts our stuff!! We still put stuff on it when we come in but I'm sure to clean it off once we get the baby settled!!

  2. Your table looks great-clean and serene
    My clutter zone is the left side of my kitchen counter 🙁

  3. The end of the bar/kitchen counter. It is always full of mail, shopping lists, coupons etc.

  4. Kitchen table and the bar. Right by each other. It catches EVERYTHING. I think my house would seem cleaner if it was clean. Especially since it is the 1st thing you see when you walk in.

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