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Plate Rack Makeover | Frugal & Simple

Plate Rack Makeover

My beautiful plate rack “makeover”! Complete with precious newborn pictures of Paxton!

This cost less than $20! I already had the plate rack (I bought it from my sister a few years ago) it held 2 of my regular dining plates (Mikasa French Countryside). However, having 2 of my 9 plates on the wall meant we were sometimes scrambling for plates when we had company over. It was time to use them for what they were intended for and I wanted to incorporate more family elements into the room! I do believe the pictures do just that!

“B” plate at Hobby Lobby :: $5

2-5×7 pictures frames at Hobby Lobby :: $10

2-5×7 prints :: $1.50

Total :: $16.50

Here’s a view of the wall! The plate rack is really the focal point of the dining room. (And isn’t the wall color just gorgeous? It’s called “Dill” and my fabulous husband picked it out when I was having a hard time deciding on the perfect color!)

Before ::

You can see the two dining plates on the wall…not as pretty or personalized! (And my table is leaf-less and missing a high-chair!)

After ::

My lovely dining room! (One of these days I’ll “makeover” my maroon seat cushions to match my white, black and dill dining room, but until then they’ll work!)

I do believe that $16.50 was (birthday!) money well spent!