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Overcoming Procrastination | Frugal & Simple

Overcoming Procrastination

Our framed family photos might not mean anything to you, but to me they mean that I’m overcoming procrastination!

Since Paxton was 2 weeks old, I’ve had “picking out pictures to develop and purchasing frames” on my to-do list. I just kept putting it off which made me feel like I was “so behind” and “not organized” and “unmotivated.” A few days ago, I was going to town that afternoon so I decided on some pictures to develop, went ahead and spent the extra money and got them developed one hour and then picked up a few frames!

Just taking that one little action and marking off a tiny task that was haunting me was so freeing! ┬áIt was the beginning of a different way of thinking, one that doesn’t involve procrastination!