Baby Bond Review and Giveaway

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Nursing covers are wonderful for nursing moms! I’m not going to stay at home all the time for fear of having to breastfeed my baby out in public and I don’t feel comfortable not using a cover or just using a blanket…my son moves around too much!

Most nursing covers go over your neck and completely cover your baby up but it gets really hot underneath the cover and my baby  gets drenched in sweat! Add in southern heat and humidity and that results in a very  hot and uncomfortable baby and mama!

Then I tried Baby Bond! It is a wonderful cover especially for summertime nursing!

Baby Bond is a nursing sash which allows you to discreetly feed from the top of your shirt! They make 3 different sashes, the Original, Flex and Couture which is a sash and belly band combo! I chose a Couture in Barcelona (charcoal gray).

I’ve really enjoyed my Couture! It does take practice to get the knack of it, the first time I tried I was a bit discouraged but I just kept practicing. I have used it both as a sash (nursing from the top) and as a band (nursing from the bottom) and I prefer using it as a band. (Another benefit during the summer, when wearing as a band, you don’t have to wear a nursing tank!!)

I love that I don’t have to cover up my son and we can nurse discreetly! I’ve already  used it to nurse at my parents home and when we’ve had company over and felt completely covered and comfortable! I’ve not used it “out” in public but with a little more practice I know that I will feel confident to use it anywhere.

Using the Couture as a sash! He really is nursing here…looks like I’m just snuggling my sweet boy!!


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41 Replies to “Baby Bond Review and Giveaway”

  1. Actually, what I liked best about Baby Bond was looking at their philanthropy page. They have donated so much to needy families and charities! That is cool. But the product alone, I love that the couture one can be a belly band too.

  2. I think I would choose the flex or original. I like that it allows you to nurse discreetly would make me feel more comfortable about nursing in public

  3. I agree with another commenter- it goes around your belly AND works as a sash! It looks flexible and could be used anytime. Also I live in the south and covering with a blanket gets VERY warm!

  4. I like the fact that my son would not be under a blanket. He was born with lots of hair…and I am in the south. He sweats a ton in the 30-45 minutes he takes to nurse if he is covered.

  5. And what I like best about the Baby Bond couture is that it is adjustable so you can adjust it as you get smaller! 🙂

  6. What I like best about the product is that it would make my lifestyle so much easier! I am on the go a LOT and it would be so nice to not always have to sit alone in the car or in a back room to feed my baby!

  7. Additional entry 1: I love how it's a lightweight cover that doesn't look like a cover, and won't make the baby hot.

  8. Additional comment 2: I'd also choose the coutoure, but probably the blue one. Sometimes it's easier for me to nurse from the top but other times it's easier to nurse from below my shirt, so it's nice that there's some versatility.

  9. I live in South Texas so I love that it doesnt cover up baby and doesnt result in both baby and mom sweating!!

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