Our Cow Family

Yesterday we participated in Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!! The closest Chick-fil-A is 45 minutes away but we were already planning an outing to the “city” to run some errands so we decided to dress as a little cow family for free meals!

The bull & adorable bull calf!! {Since I have an agriculture degree, I refuse to call them cows!}

Mama cow and sweet baby calf! I made Paxton a tail out of yarn, complete with a switch…PRECIOUS!!

Cow Appreciation Day made for a fun and inexpensive family outing! John David enjoyed a spicy chicken sandwich and I had a lemonade with my meal!! We  did spend $3 on a strawberry milkshake, but you can’t beat $3 on a delicious meal and dessert…not to mention family memories!!

{For the cow-stumes, I cut the spots out of black and white fabric and taped them on our shirts with packing tape! And I’m saving them for next year!!}

Did you participate in cow appreciation day?

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  1. I knew nothing about it. 🙁 Oh well. Maybe next year. Truth be told, I've only been there once ever. It was good, but when we are driving by it and hungry, it always seems to be Sunday! 🙂

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