One way to save money, make money and declutter at the save time is through secondhand stores!!

Since Paxton is growing so fast, he’s quickly outgrowing his clothes! He has already outgrown newborn sizes and most of his 0-3 onesies and rompers (he can still wear 0-3 jeans and shorts since he has a skinny, narrow waist!)

I’ve decided that I’m only saving his clothing items that I really love! We hope to be blessed with more children but there are no guarantees of that and we may not have another son so I don’t feel it is wise to hold on to everything!

I had a grocery bag* full of baby clothes that I brought to Once Upon a Child. They purchased $16.65 worth of our unwanted baby items!!

Since I was there selling items, I couldn’t help but look around! The store was full of  clothes in great condition at wonderful prices! My mom picked up this 12 month Carter’s onesie for $2.50 and 24 month Carter’s t-shirt for $1.25 (it was half off!)

Awesome prices on clothes in like new condition!

Then I went to a secondhand store (in my parents hometown) and brought in the baby clothes that I was unable to sell at Once Upon a Child and another bag of my clothes. I received a $25 store credit! It was exciting to shop for “new to me” items using money from our unwanted clothes!!

How I used my store credit:

Carter’s Onesie (12 month) $1.50

Jefferies Socks $1.00

Old Navy Khakis (18-24 months) $3.50

Gymboree Jeans (6-12 months) $3.50

GAP Jeans (2T) $4.00

(not pictured: Ann Taylor Sweater for me $4.00, Children’s Place Romper $4.50, White Hair Bow $2.50)

Total spent: $24.50

I have $16.65 in my pocket, clothes for Paxton to grow into and a beautiful new top!

*Once Upon a Child asks that you bring in your clothing in plastic tubs or clothes baskets not bags (I didn’t know as a first time seller!)

2 Replies to “Secondhand”

  1. Great deals! Unfortunately my boys are too big for most second hand clothes now. Sometimes we are blessed with hand me downs, but my kids have caught up in size with most of those boys! I still keep an eye out, 'cause you just never know.

  2. Shopping second hand is such a marvelous idea! I love doing that for my little guys (4 and 2). I mostly only buy things for the 4 year old, but I wait for sales and get next years clothing at resale shops and at the store. Thankfully, he has slowed down in growing, which is putting me at ease for a while until he goes through a growth spurt! Thanks for all the wise posts you write! I love to read them 😀

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