I’ve Been a Mommy Forever

I’ve only had my own child for 2 months; however, I’ve realized that I take care of my son just like I took care of my dolls! I’ve been a mommy forever!

The realization of this really hit me two weeks ago when my niece was visiting. She was enthralled by baby Paxton!

She also had a baby doll and she would “love” her baby by patting it on the back! I was amazed that a 1-year-old baby had such nurturing abilities!

Watching her natural mothering instincts made me reflect on my childhood and the countless hours spent playing dolls!

We fed and diapered our babies, we took them to “doctor visits”, we took them on strolls, we went grocery shopping (our wonderful and patient mother allowed us to “shop” the cabinets!) We swaddled them, we talked to them, we soothed their boo-boos and rocked them to sleep!

When I finally had my own baby, I knew exactly what to do! It was a natural instinct, one that I had practiced for many, many years!

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  1. great observation . . . you know the bible stresses the importance of mothers and fathers modeling the proper way to fill both of those roles to their children. In a world, where many families choose or are forced to choose being a dual income (both spouses working) family, we have to be really careful that this form of teaching our children to be future parents is not lost.

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