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Cloth Diaper Stash | Frugal & Simple

Cloth Diaper Stash

We’ve been cloth diapering exclusively at home for a month now and we love it! My cloth diaper stash has grown over the past few weeks and I’ve changed my opinions on some diapers since I shared my cloth diapering plan in January (using cloth diapers every day is much different than simply testing them on my niece, although the testing was helpful and a confidence booster).

Here is my current stash:

11-Bum Genius One-Size Diapers

1-Bum Genius Small All-in-One

2-Flip Covers, 5 Flip Inserts, 1 Flip Organic Insert (6 changes)

1-Econobum Cover, 3 Indian Prefolds (3 changes)

2-Fuzzi Bunz One-Size

My initial cloth diapering plan is different from my actual diaper stash.

I was planning on having 4 Bum Genius One-Size diapers and I now have 11! These diapers are so easy to use, they are like disposables and my husband prefers them! They are also great for grandparents and babysitters to use because there is no stuffing (I would have the diapers stuffed already) or snapping, simply put the diaper on Paxton! I also have a Bum Genius Small All-in-One that I received free when I purchased $10 worth of Bum Genius, Flip or Econobum products! I like the All-in-One since it is the trimmest diaper however it takes forever to dry!

Initially, the Flip diaper was my favorite and I wanted it to comprise the majority of my diaper stash, however after using it, I’ve had some issues with the poo getting on the leg band on the cover and then I have to wash the cover and can’t reuse it so sometimes I just get one wear out of the cover! I do love the concept of the Flip system though…if I didn’t have that issue it would be my favorite diaper!

I actually really like the Econobum cover! At $8.95 (cover only) it is very economical and if I had purchased all of my diapers I probably would have more of them! I initally purchased the cover and one insert for $9.95 and purchased two additional Indian Prefolds at $.60 each!

I really like the Fuzzi Bunz One-Size diapers also. They are a lot like the Bum Genius diapers but with snaps and the adjustable legs and waist band is nice also.

My changing table! The middle shelf contains my cloth diapers and wipes (in the wipe box) and the bottom shelf holds my extra Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz inserts as well as my Gerber prefolds (I use those to change on as you can see under Paxton, I tried using them a few times in my Econobum cover but they didn’t work well at all!) On the right I have my disposable wipes and diapers (which currently are used for church and some trips).

I know cost is a factor and these diapers did cost quite a bit. If I had purchased every diaper I would have spent around $320 (which still is not bad for diapers that will go from birth to potty training and hopefully last for our next child!)

However, I spent around $75 out of pocket for these diapers! I was given 4 Bum Genius One-Size, 2 Fuzzi Bunz and 1 Flip at one of my showers, the BG All-in-One was Free with a $10 purchase (I purchased a Flip Insert & a Flip Organic Insert) and I won a $100 Cotton Babies gift certificate which I used to purchase 5 Bum Genius One-Size and 2 Indian Prefolds!

Cloth diapering has worked well for us and we’ve been blessed that we were able to build up our diaper stash with so little money out of pocket! It’s wonderful not having to pick up diapers every week at the store and spend $7-8 a package on our tight budget!

{Note: I am a Sweetbottoms Baby Affiliate}