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Simplify | Frugal & Simple


My husband and I have lived a relatively simple life our entire marriage. Part of our simplicity is due to our need to live frugally but part of it is because we desire to live a simple and uncluttered life.

In the 5 weeks that our son has been born, we’ve seen a need to simplify even more.

It started with simplifying my closet (mainly out of necessity due to my lack of clothes that fit postpartum). However, it’s been much easier getting dressed now that I have about 7 shirts, 4 pair of capris, 4 pair of jeans and 4 skirts! Not having many options means I am spending much less time deciding what to wear!

Then John David decided to sell some of his unused video equipment. (He was selling them so he could purchase an iPad, I don’t know if an iPad qualifies for simple living however I’m okay with 4 or 5 things leaving and 1 thing taking their place!) We still have more work to do in our office/studio/guest room in order to simplify even more (it’s the most cluttered room in our home!)

And as Paxton is outgrowing his clothes, I’m donating the clothes that he never wore or didn’t fit him right and only keeping the things we love in hopes of a baby brother down the road!

The simplifying of things has led to a need to examine what we do with our time. We are not busy people, we try to keep our calendar free and have no commitments other than church and John David’s pregnancy center board meetings.

However, we have slipped into a bad habit of watching TV! We have several shows that we watch via Hulu and we haven’t watched any the past few days.It’s amazing how much more time it seems like we have! We’ve sat on the porch, sat at the table and talked and visited with the neighbors!

I’ve also started blogging less and spending less time reading blogs, on Twitter and just online! I’ve traded that time for cuddling my sweet baby and naps with him on my chest!

We’ve still got work to do clearing out the unnecessary in our life, both time wasters and things but  it will be well worth the work!