Burning and Bugs

I’ve had several failures this week! I’ll blame some of them on “mommy brain” (it is real…I am not the same!) and some on busyness caring for my 5-week-old!

Here are a few (if I listed everything, this would be a never ending blog post!):

Last Saturday at Wal-Mart I walked off and left my bags!! Thankfully I stopped to wait on John David and didn’t see the bags!


Sunday night I got sidetracked while making stir fry and burned it! Thankfully it wasn’t ruined but it had a slight smoky taste! (And my husband didn’t complain, he just added soy sauce!)

Horrible! I’ve let this pot soak all week and will scrub it here and there! It’s almost clean now!

The next one I’ll mention is pretty disgusting…just to warn you!

See this? It’s a dead mosquito! (I had to kill it to protect my baby!) The thing is I killed it and then my phone rang so I didn’t get the dead bug off of the cabinet! Then I took a picture of it and have yet to remove the bug! Maybe I’ll get around to that today…

See the tiny  black speck on the counter…yeah that is Mr. Mosquito and I just realized that he is hanging out above my clean dishes! (I sure hope he doesn’t fall before I get a chance to remove him!)


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12 Replies to “Burning and Bugs”

  1. Food seems to be the common thread this week, let's all blame our mommy brains for that. Congrats on the baby!

  2. Oh the joys of Mommy brain. If your hair starts falling out thats a new mom thing too. No one warned me about that one. It'll get better! i promise.

  3. So glad you killed to the mosquito before landing on Paxton. It reminds me of the time my first son, a six month old at the time came down with viral menengitis while we were at the beach. Our dr. said it was most likely from a mosquito! He was hospitalized and had to had a spinal tap. So I'm always looking out for mosquitos around by babies, including myself. Oh and welcome to "mommie moments" where you forget what you're doing or going to do. It's more frequent with more children (I've forgotten people's names I've known forever) this time around. Caroline is doing well (sleeping a ton and we are all enjoying her and except my two year-old told said yes to my mom taking her home). Have a blessed day.

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