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Simplified Closet | Frugal & Simple

Simplified Closet

One month after having a baby, my maternity clothes are way too big and a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes are too small (especially the pants due to my widened hips!) The result of too big and too small meant that finding clothes that fit was one of the hardest parts of my day!

This Saturday I finally had time (and motivation) to tackle the closet!

  • I packed away my maternity clothes into one box and put it on the top shelf of my closet. (I also got rid of a few items that I never wore or didn’t really like.)
  • I tried on every article of clothing in my closet so I knew exactly what fit and whether or not it was something I wanted to keep.
  • All of the clothing items that fit, I placed on the top rack so I can see exactly what I have to wear!
  • The clothes that I didn’t love  are leaving! I will let my sister look through them and see if she wants anything and whatever she doesn’t want will be donated (about 20 pieces of clothing are leaving!)
  • The clothes that don’t fit right now but I do love were placed on the lower rack. My plan is to try these clothes on at 2 months post partum and do another purge then. I really hope that my hips will shrink a little so I can keep some of my favorite pants! (However, if they don’t in a few months I will say goodbye to those clothes too!)

My wardrobe! Minus 2 outfits in the laundry and the one I’m wearing! I do believe I have accomplished a minimalist wardrobe! It actually is quite nice because every item hanging up is something I love to wear so it actually makes getting dressed easier!

I really am enjoying my simplified closet! I love that it is uncluttered, minimal and organized!