Financial Goals Update: April

Considering we had a baby in April, we did a great job this month working toward our 2010 Financial Goals!

Here’s what we accomplished in April:

1. Save $3,000 for new to  us vehicle. We saved $206.22 in April towards this goal! We are very slowly progressing with $2,427.05 left to go! We’re not sure if this goal will be achieved in 2010 but we are going to try (plus our vehicles are still running great so we have plenty of time to keep saving for a new vehicle!)

2. Add on a guest room in the basement without any debt. We have yet to begin building the guest room in the basement. We’re not sure when we will begin but we have $562.78 saved for the project!  (Our office is doubling as a guest room/office now!)

3. Establish a college fund for Paxton. We haven’t quite figured out the wisest thing to do in regards to what type of account but we have begun saving a little each month and plan to put some money we received at showers into his college fund!

4. Make an extra principal payment each month. We were able to make $301.05 in extra principal payments in April! (To pay off our mortgage in 15 years we need to make a $215 payment each month!) So far in 2010 we’ve made $1,086.40 in extra principal payments, it’s great watching the principal amount come down!!

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