Baby Quilt

I love giving personalized baby gifts! One of my favorite gifts to give is a simple patchwork quilt. My quilts are far from perfect but useful! Since there are imperfections it’s easier to bring them outside and actually use the quilts instead of just putting them on display!

This is the latest quilt that I made for Kelly’s baby girl, Lily! It’s far from perfect as you can tell by looking at the patches…they aren’t quite straight but I love all the pink and floral prints!!

Perfect for picnics and trips to the park!! And Lily has already enjoyed her quilt outside!!

I promise making a patchwork baby quilt is so simple!

Here are 3 step-by-step tutorials for making an easy baby quilt:

3 Replies to “Baby Quilt”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the colors!! This is my favorite of the quilts you have made so far. I am one of those people who appreicate and use the homemade gifts! The fact that they put time into the gift means alot to me. I received a quilt for one of my twins when they were born. It was bright colors and fun prints. I hated to use it, but did anyway. After countless washings it is now faded and worn, but my daughter still loves it wants to use it and she was born almost 9 years ago! I enjoy your posts!!

  2. I like that it’s not perfect – it DOES make it easier to use. I also think the Amish purposely make imperfect quilts, as only God can make perfect things. 🙂

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