Repurposed Pajama Pants

A few weeks ago my favorite pair of flannel pajama pants ripped in the bottom! The bottom was paper thin because I have had them for about 8 years and I knew they were going to rip sometime! Since they were my favorite and were so comfy, I just couldn’t bear getting rid of them before they did rip. I almost threw the ripped pajama pants away but decided to hang on to them and see if I could repurpose them!

I made two burp cloths from the old pajama pants! They are different sizes since I was cutting them out of worn flannel!

Here is a close up of the ribbons on these. I had these ribbons in my ribbon stash and thought they’d make cute accents on the burp cloths!

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3 Replies to “Repurposed Pajama Pants”

  1. Hi Rachel

    What a fantastic way to recycle your old jarmies. I love it!
    I also hate to throw anything away if I can help it.
    and congratulations again on the arrival of Paxton. He is just lovely.

    Rachel (RogueQueen)

  2. I just threw out my old flannel pajamas with doggies on them (my husband couldn’t bear them any longer). Did you double the flannel or put in any batting between the nursing pads?

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