Burp Cloths

After my baby showers, I did an inventory of baby items to see what needs we had. I realized we only had 6 burp cloths and thought it would be good to have a few more! Instead of buying burp cloths I decided to make some using some baby blue flannel I had.

Here are the two burp cloths I made! I used ribbon I had leftover from making Paxton a ribbon blanket to add more cuteness!

I used one of the burp cloths that I had to measure the length of the fabric and then cut them slightly larger than the width of my shoulder.  I first sewed on the ribbon on one side of the pieces of fabric and used fleece inside for absorption.

I actually sewed them together inside out with the two flannel pieces fronts facing and the piece of fleece placed on the back of one of the flannel pieces. Once I sewed up 3 sides I flipped it right side out and then sewed up the bottom and stitched around the outside to finish the edges!

These were so easy to make and cost me very little since I was using leftover fabric and ribbon from other projects!

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  1. Love the burp cloths. So adorable and you will get a lot of use out of them. You want to make me learn to sew!

  2. Rachel, you did a great job on these burps! And the taggie blanket is too cute! Can’t wait to meet baby Paxton and see you back at church!!! ;o)

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