Preparing for Motherhood: Ways to Save Money

Guest post by Colleen from 365 Resolutions There are several ways for new moms to save money, but perhaps the most significant thing a new mom can do is to not buy into the hype that they have to have every single baby product available or provide their child with every latest and greatest toy that they see a commercial for or that they have to outfit them in brand new clothes every time they grow into a new size. Here are some of the money saving choices that I have made as a new mom.  I hope that you find some or all of them helpful as your prepare for motherhood!

Purchase furniture that can serve multiple purposes

When my husband and I were preparing the nursery for our son, we didn’t have a lot of space.  We knew that we would only have room for furniture we felt was essential.  I knew that I wanted to have a rocking chair in the nursery for nursing my son and for rocking him to sleep in those early months.  We opted not to get a typical “nursery” rocker and ottoman that we felt would not serve a purpose in our home when we were done having children and instead purchased a regular recliner that coordinated with our living room furniture so that eventually, when it is no longer needed in the nursery, it can be repurposed elsewhere in our home.
We already had a dresser that was not being used, so we purchased a changing table topper that fit right on top of the dresser.  This eliminated the need to have a separate changing table.  I kept all of the diapers in the top drawer of the dresser and had a small basket on top of the dresser with cotton swaps, diaper rash cream, lotion, powder, etc. Our crib was purchased for us as a gift.  I spent time shopping for a crib that matched the stain of the dresser.  I chose a lifetime crib that eventually converts to a full size head board and foot board.  Since it coordinates with the dresser, this set will grow with our son, and we won’t have to buy him a “big boy bed” in the future.

Buy clothes, and especially toys, second hand

Infants will go through clothes faster than you can imagine.  You will be amazed when they only wear an outfit once, or sometimes not at all!  We were lucky to have several boxes of hand me down clothes from friends and family, but sometimes, the seasons didn’t match up to the size and there was still a need to purchase some additional items for our son.  There are several great ways to find second hand clothes.  I have found that most of the second hand items I find at children’s consignment stores still have the tags on them!  They are brand new and only a fraction of the cost.  I often am able to find higher quality clothes for less than I would pay for the discount brands new.  In my town, we have Once Upon A Child and that is the first place I will typically check when I need “new” clothes for my son.  You can also find great deals at yard sales, on Craigslist and on a free consignment site just for kids called Our son received a lot of infant toys as gifts.  We never had any reason to purchase him any infant toys, but as he grew, he outgrew his baby toys and was ready for toddler toys.  I was shocked at the price of toys!  The worst part is, you have no idea how much or how little your child will want to play with any given toy, so it’s hard to decide if something is worth the money.  You can find second hand toys at all the same places you can find the clothes, and for much, much, MUCH less money!  We have tried to only have a few key toys for our son to play with.  He seems to have more focus playing with them, because he doesn’t have an endless supply of choices of what to play with next, and it keeps the kid clutter to a minimum in our house. …To be continued

Colleen blogs at 365 Resolutions about “a life changing journey…one day at a time.” She is a stay at home mom to son Andy.

 Ways to Save Money Part 2

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  1. Though I dont have children, it was agreed that if/when my husband and I have children, we would buy clothes and toys second-hand. We are avid garage salers, and we see so many toys and clothes that look BRAND NEW!

    We sometimes have my neice (now 4) over. I have bought several items for her to play with from garage sales that she loves. A little car that she can roll around on that plays music and has compartments for her to gather things in($2), a miniature watering can (she goes around the yard with me and waters the flowers – $0.25) and a little chair that she can sit in that is just her size($1).

    Oh, I almost forgot – her pool at our house is a turtle sandbox that I found by a dumpster. I scrubbed it clean with bleach, filled it with water and she just sits there with her watering can and plays in the water. You cant beat free!


  2. As a sahm to 2 little boys, I have learned to save money every way possible. I also buy their clothes second-hand, twice a year our town has consignment sales with clothes that are brand new or like new. We have saved so much money buying clothes there and at garage sales. I also make my own baby wipes, I can share the recipe with you if you are interested. My baby is in cloth diapers except for outings, and I also make my own baby food, unless we are traveling and then I will buy some jarred stuff for convenience. The main expenses I have are formula for the baby and pull-ups for our oldest son. They are so expensive but until he is potty trained are necessary!!

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