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We Threw Away What? | Frugal & Simple

We Threw Away What?

Sunday afternoon I went to get my slicing knife to chop some lettuce and it wasn’t in the block. I didn’t remember using it recently but figured it had gotten placed in one of my drawers. I looked in the two drawers where I thought it might be, didn’t find it and thought nothing of it.

Monday after washing dishes and remembering the knife wasn’t in the block I doubled checked the drawers where I thought it would be and then looked in all of my other ones with no success. At this point I didn’t have a clue where it could be and I even thought maybe someone came in the house and took it!

Well, last night as I was washing dishes I asked John David if he had any idea where the knife could be.

His response was, “did it get thrown away with the shower cake box?”

“What?” was my reply as my stomach dropped!

We had used the knife to cut up the cake, he remembers using it, I remember it being in the box. And a few weeks ago we took the cake box to the dump apparently with the knife still in it!

After this realization I felt nauseous, it was a Cutco knife, my Petite Chef! I love my Cutco knives, they are amazing knives but they also are very expensive and we just can’t afford to replace one! I much preferred the thought that somebody came into my home and took the knife to us throwing it out!

The empty slot where the knife should be!

As I was sitting in the floor feeling like I was about to get sick, my wonderful husband reminded me that a knife is not important, it’s just a thing and is replaceable and there is no reason to be upset about it. I hate that we did throw it out but it is replaceable and I can honestly say that I’m over it! (Although we will be a bit more careful with throwing boxes out before checking the contents!)