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Ribbon Blanket | Frugal & Simple

Ribbon Blanket

Two weeks ago I was really nesting and realized that I hadn’t made baby Paxton anything during this entire pregnancy! I have made a baby quilt but I made it over 2 years ago in anticipation children, not for a specific child! I wanted to make some things especially for Paxton while he was in my belly kicking me along the way!

My mother-in-law had given me some baby blue gingham flannel this fall and I decided I was going to make a little “taggie” ribbon blanket for Paxton! I went to Hobby Lobby and decided on some ribbons to go on it (this took entirely too much time to decide on ribbons but I’m happy with the baby blues and brown that I chose!)

Here’s the blanket with the adorable ribbon!!

This was so easy to make!

Step 1: Iron fabric.

Step 2: Cut fabric into 2 pieces. (Mine are about 12 x 12)

Step 3: Fold and iron down the edges of the two pieces of fabric (So you can sew them together without having a ragged edge!)

Step 4: Cut your ribbon into various sizes.

Step 5: Pin your ribbon between the 2 fabric layers.

Step 6: Sew together!


I’m so proud of this adorable little blanket and I’m sure he’s going to have fun chewing on all the different ribbons! And I’m even more excited that it’s “mama made”!