Frugal & Simple Living-Episode 3: Baby Room Tour

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  1. Thanks for the tour of the nursery 🙂 It is such a cute room. I love how little you had to spend on everything and it looks perfect!

  2. Re: cards. You could get a binder or scrapbook with protector sleeves and have each card open, one per sleeve.

  3. You can make a blessing ring! I first saw this on a blog last summer and have now seen it on a few others. The link below is actually a post from this week. I have two piles of cards, one from my showers and another from my daughter’s first year. I am planning on making a blessing ring for her with each set of cards…one of these days!

    The thing about the blessing ring that I like is it looks nice hung on a hook, a doorknob or anywhere really. Plus, it is compact so it can be easily stored!

  4. Aw, Paxton’s nursery turned out soo cute! I love the farm theme!

    Congrats on being 38weeks!! So exciting. I’m praying for you as you prepare for labor and delivery and your sweet little guy.

    Love ya,

  5. Very cute nursery.

    For the cards you could drill/poke holes and stitch them together to make a little card book. That way they’d be very easy to flip through if you choose to do that in a few years with your son.

  6. I loved that you posted a tour of the nursery, it is so sweet and precious. The farm theme is so cute for a little boy!! You are so creative, I loved the quilt you made, it looks great on the rocking chair, and the blocks you made for him are adorable. Having a baby is so exciting! I know he will be such a blessing to you and your husband.

  7. The nursery looks so sweet. Just like you. Can’t wait to meet my great nephew. I am sure he will be a beauty just like his mommy… Love you lots.

    Aunt Kelly

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