Farm Animal Wall Art

Our nursery is completely organized however it’s not complete! We’re lacking wall decorations. I have a few ideas in my head but haven’t found some things I have in mind but, I have made something for the nursery!

Isn’t this cute? I’m planning on framing them. They were so easy to make! I cut card stock into squares and used these farm animal stickers that I had in my scrapbook stash (I haven’t scrapbooked in 3 years!) Then I used scrapbook stickers to write the animal names on them.

Here is our nursery tour (minus wall decorations!)

Preparing for Motherhood


The Preparing for Motherhood series was so helpful to me as I was preparing for the arrival of my son. From packing my hospital bag, to planning to breastfeed, to saving money, wonderful advice was shared from one mother to another!

I firmly believe that asking (and joyfully receiving) advice from other mothers will help me to become a better mother! 13 days ago I had absolutely no experience as a mother, today I have just 13 days experience. There is a lot for me to learn from other mothers – whether they’ve been a mother 6 months, 5 years or 23 years!

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Cloth Diapers on the Line

Oh how much fun it was to wash all of my cloth diapers for the first time but even more exciting was hanging them on the clothesline!

Sweet baby diapers!

My two Flip covers and two Bum Genius diapers!

More Bum Genius diapers!


My stash currently includes 2 Flip covers and 6 inserts, 6 Bum Genius One-Size Diapers, 1 Bum Genius Small All-in-One, 2 Fuzzi Bunz One-Size, and 1 Econobum cover & insert (I also have 4 Gerber diapers that I’ve doubled to try to use as liners with the Econobum cover…2 of the Gerber diapers is about the same thickness of the 1 Econobum insert)! All of these equal 20 “diapers” (or 20 different changes) before I would need to wash!

I’m anxious to begin cloth diapering and am determined to be successful! We’re waiting for about a month or so to start since we’re mainly using one-size cloth diapers and they will be huge on a small baby, not to mention I will be adjusting to my new role as a mama and washing diapers every other day could be challenging during the first few weeks!

Once we do start cloth diapering I’ll be sharing all about it and the diapers we like the most!

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1 Week Old

Yesterday, Paxton was 1 week old! John David and I were talking just this morning about how we’ve only had him a week, yet it already seems like we’ve had him forever! I cannot imagine life without this little guy!

He’s had a big week with visits from family and friends! He met his Granddaddy and Nannie Clark, Grandpa and Grandmother Boreing, Aunt Jill, Aunt Rebekah and Cousin Emerson, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Pittma, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Boreing and Great Aunt Pam plus many special friends from church!

Here is Paxton at exactly one week old! This is his Daddy’s Blackberry he is holding at 12:34 p.m.! (John David is hoping he learns to love technology at an early age!)

Mommy and Paxton took a nice afternoon nap together after Grandmother and Grandpa, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Boreing and Great Aunt Pam left. It was so sweet to cuddle my sweet babe!

Daddy and Paxton enjoying some snuggle time! Paxton & I are so blessed to have a wonderful Daddy & husband! He changes dirty diapers, dresses Paxton and is an amazing father who helps me out so much! (He’s already not looking forward to going back to work and missing us during the day…he did say he’ll take care of Paxton after work!)

1-week-old Paxton and a teddy bear that was given to my mom at a baby shower for me! I loved this teddy as a child and it is one of the few stuffed animals that I saved from my childhood for my children.

In our blue gowns! We were both comfy and ready for bed!

Being a mother has been wonderful so far! We have been blessed with a good baby who, for the past 3 nights, has slept from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. which is wonderful for Mommy! Breastfeeding has been much easier than I was anticipating, Paxton was able to latch right after birth and has not had any issues which I am so grateful for!

We both look at him and are in awe of God’s goodness. He is such an amazing gift from God that we have the privilege to raise and we are striving to be wonderful Christian parents to our son. I also have been in awe of God’s creation both from looking at our new baby and watching my body going from hugely pregnant to almost normal in a week’s time, God so intricately crafted us together.