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Leaving a Burner On | Frugal & Simple

Leaving a Burner On

Every Wednesday I bring dinner to church for John David and me (he doesn’t have time to come home and get back on time for Wednesday service and the $4 per person Wednesday meal would kill our grocery budget!). I typically cook dinner, portion it into Pyrex containers and pack it in my market basket! Every week before I leave the house I make sure the burners or stove is turned off!

This Wednesday I somehow forgot to double check and make sure the burner was off! When I arrived home and opened our basement door I smelled smoke and then saw that the burner was still on! I rushed over to the stove and turned the burner off and then stupidly took the lid off of the skillet! It was burned and smelled horrible so then I proceeded to bring the skillet outside on the deck and then called my husband to see what I should do to get rid of the smell and if breathing in burned and smoky smelling air was harmful to our baby! (Thankfully there was no smoke!)

The remains of dinner! When you leave a skillet half full of chicken spaghetti on low for 3 hours you come home to a blackened and smelly mess!

Isn’t this lovely!

The lid…

Wednesday night even though it was cool outside we had several windows open and fans going to try to get rid of the horrible smell! The smell is mostly gone thank goodness!

We are so thankful that nothing caught on fire and the only thing we had to deal with was a horrible smell in our home! We truly are blessed!

I didn’t even ruin the skillet! There are definite benefits of using high quality stainless steel cookware…you can char things in it and after scrubbing and a little Bar Keepers Friend (the best cleaner for stainless steel) it looks as good as new!

So that’s my fail for the week…potentially burning our home down and wasting half of our dinner!

Have you ever done anything like this? If so, what happened?


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