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A great way to save money when traveling or when you are out in town for the day is to bring your lunch with you! We are on a limited grocery and eating out budget and spending $10 here and $8 there on fast food and eating out while we are on the go adds up quickly and is not feasible on our budget!

So, what is the solution? Bring your lunch!!

Saturday we attended PodCamp Nashville 2010 in downtown Nashville! It was a free conference and we found a $5 parking lot a block away from the conference but we couldn’t justify spending $10 each on lunch at the conference!

Instead we packed our drinks (water & sweet tea) and stopped by Kroger on the way to Nashville!

Here’s what we purchased:

1 loaf of bread: $.78

Pimento Cheese spread: $2.50

Vinegar & Salt Chips: $1.79

Total (with tax): $5.46

Of course we only ate half of the pimento cheese spread and chips and less than half a loaf of bread so our lunch was only about $2.73 which saved us $17.27 (compared to purchasing lunch at the conference)!!

I realize it’s not a healthy lunch but it can’t be any worse than burgers and fries from a fast food place!

One of my favorite homemade on the go meals to make is a simple Chicken Salad! It’s so easy to make and pack for a frugal meal when we’re out! Serve it on homemade bread with an apple and you have a very frugal, healthy homemade lunch that saves you money!!

We’re definitely going to bring our lunch more often when we’re on the go. A little bit of planning can really save a lot of money which can make a big impact on your budget!

Do you bring your lunch with you when you are away from home? If so, what are some of your favorite meals to bring?

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  1. My husband and I do this as well. The savings do not take long to add up either. I love your blog; it is nice to know that there are other frugal, young women out there to get support and inspiration from. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. I take my lunch every day. When we go on a trip, sometimes I’ll buy more “treaty” things at the store, like granola bars or string cheese, but we still come out ahead versus buying fast food on the go. Plus, we’re vegetarian, and it’s hard to find anything for us to eat anyway on the road.

  3. Hubby and I do this at times. We like to take coldcut sandwiches or BP&J sandwiches, pretzels, granola bars and/or fruit. We have canteens (like Kleen Canteens) that hook onto our beltloops, so we fill that up with some iced tea, lemonade or water before we go to the zoo or to a car show. I cant see spending $3+ for a bottle of water at an event!

    Hubby works every other weekend, so we only have every other weekend together. We normally go out one of the two days on the weekend to do something “fun.” That is when we go out for lunch (it’s cheaper than going to dinner.) When we go out, we go to places that we have a BOGO coupon for.

    We also frequent the “dollar theater” in our area. It is $1.50/person. Instead of buying popcorn & soda from the consessions, I have a large purse dedicated to the movie theater! We put 2 cans of pop, sometimes popcorn from home or goodies from the dollar store next door.

    We have an “entertainment budget” that we use for these type of outings (and to buy the ingredients needed to make our own wine which is our hobby). I have budgeted $75/month; however, the last few months have been really tight. The last we received the $75 for our entertainment was in January. It doesnt look like we will have money for it this month either (our kitten needs to go to the vet to get fixed). Somehow, we still have $30 in our budget from January, and we’ll make it last and still have fun together!


  4. Hi Rachel, great idea on packing a lunch. Our favorite things to bring on trips is those tuna salad kits, fruit, & snack-y things like those cracker sticks with a little cheese spread in the package.

  5. We pack our meals when we are out! With 4 kids the cost of eating out is huge! I try to plan ahead when I know we need to pack a meal and buy a few things that are fun (chips and cheese sticks) but we usually don’t have. I have used 2 different methods, both work well for a large family. 1. Make the whole loaf of bread into sandwiches, then put back into bread bag. Everyone gets one out when they are ready. 2. Bring bread and sandwich fixings and let everyone assemble. Packing lunch saves money and helps us eat a more healthy meal while away from home. Other favs to pack: yogurt, pickles, home made cookies, fruit, dried fruit, trail mix and sliced cheese.

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