Declutter Challenge: February

I’m joining in with Amy for her Declutter Challenge! Amy’s goal is to get rid of 730 items in 365 days (which is 2 items per day!)

I have set my personal goal to have 365 things gone in 365 days! I think this is still a lofty goal…an item a day! And once I reach this goal I’ll continue decluttering…hopefully more than 365 things will leave my home!

My one rule is that hand-me-downs from others don’t count! How is counting someone else’s cast offs helping me reduce clutter? So, if I receive items and decide to pass them on or donate to Goodwill, they will not be on this list!

In January 56 items left my home!!

So how did I do in February?

Clothing: 7

Books: 12

Crafts: 8

Decor: 4

Kitchen: 4

Other: 5

Total: 40

Craigslist Sales

  • Comforter $15
  • Potrack $20
  • Scrapbook Paper $10
  • Mandolin $100
  • Jacket $25


Grand Total: 45 items

Money Made: $170

Making $170 for our unwanted stuff is wonderful! We have less stuff and more money!!

Now I have 264 items left to reach my goal!

Are you thinking about decluttering in 2010? Here is a video post about getting rid of 30 Things in 30 Days! It is amazing how much you can get rid of if you just get rid of 1 unwanted item a day…easy decluttering!


Amy’s February Declutter Update

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Did you do any decluttering in February? Do you have any plans for attacking your clutter in March?

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  1. I am happy to report I have surpassed the goal by 3 already! I’m also thrilled to have that many less things in my home. On my declutterings Tuesday (yesterday) I decluttered 50 items! If I keep going at this rate my home is going to be empty! I found this in my devotion yesterday, ” Stuff. Where does it all come from? You may not think you have much until it’s time to move. ….My husband often says there wouldn’t be nearly so many yard or garage sales if people would just stop buying ‘stuff.'”

    1. Congrats on surpassing your goal in the first two months of the year!!

      And, moving twice within a year really showed us how much stuff we had…it’s really kind of sickening to see all of your stuff loaded into a moving truck & then spend the next week or so dealing with it!!

      We try to avoid buying a lot of stuff but it somehow just keeps coming in!!

  2. Hey!

    Great job this month! I plan on selling/consigning for March… we had a ton of stuff to donate, which i guess will be like making money on our taxes, but still…

    Yay for 56 fewer items around the house!


    1. I love getting rid of the stuff one way or another but making money off of it is pretty nice! 🙂

  3. Great progress this month. And you’ve got to love the bonus of extra cash. I need to list some things on Craigslist in March.

  4. Great job!!! I probably should have started keeping track of that at the beginning of the year too! Good for you. I love selling things on Craig’s List. It’s a good feeling getting money for unused items and donating the rest!

    1. Yes selling on Craigslist is great…I have a few more items listed so hopefully they’ll sell too! Of course after making so much in February I’m tempted to sell even more!! 🙂

  5. Great job. And you get bonus points for dealing with clutter while hugely pregnant! I’m pretty certain I wasn’t decluttering during any of my pregnancies. 🙂

    1. I think being pregnant is actually helping me! I’m definitely “nesting” and want my “nest” to be as clutter free as possible when the baby comes! Plus I’m trying to counteract the influx of baby items…oh my!!

  6. Oh, you’ve started my head spinning with the things we’ve got stashed away that we can sell – I think my husband might be willing to part with the mandolin he doesn’t play anymore! Here’s hoping we can get $100, too. 🙂

    1. It can become a bit of an obsession when you start selling things and making a little money from your junk!! Good luck selling your mandolin!! 🙂

  7. This is great that you are dealing with clutter BEFORE the baby comes. I’ve been starting to list unwanted items on craigslist again and love, love, love the combination of clutter going away with money coming in!

    I just came across a huge stash of polar fleece fabric today that I decided to sell on craigslist. Those crafters are everywhere, so I’m sure I’ll have no problem selling it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Katy Wolk-Stanley
    “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

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