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Preparing for Motherhood: Stocking the Freezer | Frugal & Simple

Preparing for Motherhood: Stocking the Freezer


Once a month I spend a few hours in the kitchen and prepare foods to put in my freezer which make dinner, lunch and breakfasts easier! It is wonderful going to the freezer and pulling out a dinner on a night that I just don’t feel like cooking or when we’ve been away all day! Having meals in the freezer has saved me a lot of money!

Now that we’re anticipating the arrival of our son in 7 weeks, I’ve been focusing onĀ buildingĀ up a nice stash of meals for those exhausting evenings when I don’t want to cook! Having a freezer full of meals will allow me to focus more time on adjusting to being a new mommy and still eat good home cooked meals which are much healthier and less expensive than picking meals up!

Last month, I began my freezer stash for after the baby comes. Today was another baking day. I spent 4 hours in the kitchen (with several breaks to prevent tiredness!) After those 4 hours I had prepared 7 meals and 2 individual portions for my husband to take to work!

  • Meatloaf x2 (All I need to do is mix up Sweet & Sour Sauce, heat and it’s ready to eat!)
  • Lasagna x2
  • Pizza Pockets (2-4 packs, 1-3 pack, 2-2 packs) (The 2 packs are perfect for my husband’s lunches!)


My post-baby dinner freezer stash now contains:


1- Sausage Pizza

3- 4 packs Pizza Pockets

1-3 pack Pizza Pockets

3- 10 packs Italian Meatballs

2- Lasagnas

2- Meatloaves

That’s 12 nights that we don’t have to worry about dinner. We’ll just pull something out, let it thaw, add a side and dinner will be ready!! I plan to have another freezer cooking day in a few weeks to add to these meals.


Here are some other easy freezer recipes to help build your stash of meals:

Brown Bag Burritos

Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists

Chicken Taco Bake

Cinnamon Rolls

Country Ham & Cheese Biscuits

Mexican Lasagna

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins


More information about freezing foods:

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