Labor & Delivery Tour

This past Saturday John David and I woke up bright an early because we were going to the hospital where I’ll deliver for a Labor and Delivery tour!

All was well, we made it on time and since it was cold outside and a little chilly in the hospital I kept my wool coat over my shirt & cardigan.

The nurse giving the tour came out and gave us and the 3 other couples a welcome and told us exactly where to go and what to do when we’re in labor. Then we walked through the locked doors and into the labor and delivery wing.

The first room we toured was the triage room where you first go so they make sure you are truly in labor before putting you in a room. Then we were off to see the c-section area (she just opened the doors leading to the operating room and told us what happens in the event of a c-section…all interesting because I had absolutely no clue what happens in the event of a c-section!)

Then we went into a labor and delivery room. It was very nice! She started showing us the computer, monitors that will be monitoring the baby’s heart beat, the IV machine, and going through what happens while you are laboring. Well, I started feeling funny! There was nothing that she said that I didn’t already know that would make me feel sick but I was feeling faint. I took off my wool coat and then sat down in a nearby chair. (And there were 3 other pregnant women in the room so I felt horrible doing that!)

The nurse finally finishes and we walk out of the room. John David kept asking me if I was okay and I kept assuring him I was. I gave him my coat and my purse and figured all would be fine. We decided that it was very hot in the l&d room and walking in the cooler hallway would make me feel better.

We got to the nursery area and then I started feeling really bad. I took off my sweater and leaned against the wall, feeling slightly faint but thinking I’d be okay.

Then it was time to tour the postpartum room. Well, I made it down the hall and to the room. I didn’t go in but instead sat down on the floor outside the room because I was about to pass out (I have a history of passing out…not often but I know the symptoms!)

The nurse saw me sit down and rushed out of the room, leaving the 3 other couples, to get me some ice and a chair. Meanwhile, I am incredibly embarrassed and couldn’t believe this was happening!

The ice helped me cool down quite a bit (and was very good!)

About 2 minutes later, the tour was over and the nurse insisted we come in the room and wait a few minutes before we left so I could fully recover!

Of course I’m thinking, great, I already have a reputation at the hospital! I felt like such a drama queen (which is totally not me) and it really was one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me.

The nurse was very nice and we think the heat is what triggered this “spell” coupled with the reality of actually being at the hospital. Then the fact that I am pregnant and have more blood in my body was probably the reason it took me about 15 minutes to start feeling normal again (typically when I feel faint, it takes a minute or two for me to recover!)

So, that’s the embarrassing story of the month, maybe even of the year! Hopefully my actual trip to the hospital to have Paxton will be much less dramatic and eventful than the “simple” tour of labor and delivery!

Here I am on Saturday!! (After recovering from the humiliation…)



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  1. Oh, my! Well this might make you feel better. My friend almost passed out in the grocery store. Made it to the cold section, grabbed an orange juice before sitting on the floor. Had to sit there so she didn’t fall down in the middle of the isle with all these strangers around her. She was by herself, had to finish shopping and drive home.

    At least you had your husband and surrounded by the best group of people that would understand what was happening – other parents to be and nurses.

    Maybe it was a test to see how responsive the hospital staff was and it sound like they did a great job!

    Give yourself a break, you are pregnant and human. :o)

    You will have fun one day telling Paxton the story of all the attention he was getting even before he officially arrived!

    1. It would be scary to be out in public by myself & have this happen! And yes, it definitely happened at the best place possible!! And I’m sure my husband won’t let me forget…just one more of those stories we tell our children & one day our grandchildren!

  2. oh… sorry about your near-fainting experience. I had a similar experience that happened after my hubby got his wisdom teeth removed — when I saw him, I nearly fainted. I’d never seen him with a swollen face before, and it startled me so much I was laying on the floor of the dentist waiting room for 30 minutes… and then my hubby drove us home.

    1. It’s amazing how attractive & even comfy a public floor is when you are about to faint isn’t it! And how funny that he drove you home after his operation!!

  3. Rachel,
    I’m sorry to read about this.
    I’m glad you didnt actually pass out, though.

    I had something similar happen to me about a month ago while at the RV Show! Not only did I black out, I was throwing up! Thank goodness they had bags handy. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, so it was a bit scary.


    1. Oh gosh! How awful…passing out and throwing up!! My biggest fear when I was dealing with morning sickness was throwing up in public, thankfully it never happened!

  4. Don’t feel bad, your not a drama queen at all.

    During my third trimester of my second pregnancy, hubbie and I decided to have a pre-baby date at a local aquarium.

    The path aroud the main tank spiraled upwards, and we were walking in a herd of people.

    Between the packed environment, heat, waddled walking & possibly low blood sugar, guess what I did?

    I felt very light headed and thought I might get sick. So, I walked crossways in a crowd, leaned my back against the nearest wall, did a prego slide to the floor and preparded for the worst.

    I have passed out before so I know the procedure and lets just say I was on my way.

    What a commotion I created. I felt horrible about it but truth be told eveyone came out of it unscathed and I delivered a beautiful baby girl seven days later:)

    1. Sounds quite familiar to my experience! And makes me feel a little better since I’m not the only one it’s happened to!! 🙂

  5. Bless your heart. Don’t worry, I’m sure they have probably seen way worse occurances there. I’m sure yours was quite mild. And honestly, it seems you handled the situation quite well.
    Funny story:
    My sister was shopping at walmart and passed out in the bread isle. No one knows how long she was there before someone found her(it ws really early in the morning). My mom was the produce manager there and someone came to her and said they thought her daughter was passed out in the bread isle. Sure enough, when my mother came over there, my sister ws surrounded by several walmart associates, the paramedics, and police dept. While at the hospital, she found out that she was anemic….oh, and pregnant!!!!

  6. Rachel, that is so scary! I’m so glad that you are okay!

    I’ve gotten that weird/blacking out feeling, but I’ve never passed out,thankfully.

    I know your next trip up to labor and delivery will be very smooth. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails!

  7. I did the same thing. I was at a breastfeeding class (very pregnant with baby number 2). The class started and I started feeling bad, so I went to the bathroom, which didn’t make me feel better, so I finally made it to the nurses station, where she rushed me to lay down and gave me snacks, thinking it was my blood sugar that dropped. In reality, it was my blood pressure that dropped. Happened the day of delivery too – it went very low that morning and took quite a while to return to normal. So nothing to worry about. Your body does strange things when you are pregnant. Thank goodness you were at the hospital when you got the weird feelings.

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