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Preparing for Motherhood: Introduction | Frugal & Simple

Preparing for Motherhood: Introduction

Since I’m now in my 3rd trimester, I’m thinking less and less about being pregnant and more and more about becoming a mother! What a beautiful thing but it’s scary at the same time!

I want advice from those of you who are mothers about all the things related to preparing for motherhood and I’m sure there are many moms to be who do too!

The purpose of the Preparing for Motherhood series is for experienced moms to share their advice to new moms, those things you wish someone would have told you before you became a mother!!

Here are some topics that I would like to cover in this series:

-Baby Basics (those must have baby items)
-Stocking the Freezer
-Preparing for Labor
-Packing Mom & Baby’s Bag for the Hospital
-Bringing Baby Home
-Thoughts from a First Time Mom (your baby is less than 3 months old)

Of course I am open to your suggestions regarding topics to cover because I’m a first time mom and I’m in need of this series!!

If you want to contribute a guest post to this series, please e-mail me the topic you are interested in at rachel (at) frugalandsimple (dot) com.