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February Freezer Cooking | Frugal & Simple

February Freezer Cooking

I shared my freezer cooking plan last Friday and I’m happy to report that I checked off everything on the list! (without going to the grocery store for any ingredients too!)


(Starting in the front from left)

1 Sausage Pizza


Pizza Pockets (2-4 packs)

Country Ham & Cheese Biscuits (3-4 packs; 1- 2 pack)

Raspberry Muffins (3-2 packs)

Blueberry Muffins (4- 2packs)

Italian Meatballs (3 packs of 10 meatballs)

Black Beans (3-1 cup portions)

1/2 batch Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Not pictured:

Pot of Pinto Beans (probably will have 4-2 cup portions!)

Refried Beans

I was able to get quite a bit done! I have 3 quick meals, meatballs for 3 meals and 11 quick breakfasts! After 2 hours of cooking I was quite tired (thanks to being almost 29 weeks pregnant!) However after a few minutes of rest I was able to persevere and am glad I did! Now, I need to have about 4 more cooking days to get the freezer stocked up with quick and simple meals for after the baby comes!

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