Declutter Challenge: January

I’m joining in with Amy for her Declutter Challenge! Amy’s goal is to get rid of 730 items in 365 days (which is 2 items per day!)

I have set my personal goal to have 365 things gone in 365 days! I think this is still a lofty goal…an item a day! And once I reach this goal I’ll continue decluttering…hopefully more than 365 things will leave my home!

My one rule is that hand-me-downs from others don’t count! How is counting someone else’s cast offs helping me reduce clutter? So, if I receive items and decide to pass them on or donate to Goodwill, they will not be on this list!

So how did I do in January?

Clothing: 17

Books: 15

Crafts: 3

Decor: 6

Kitchen: 4

Other: 11

Total: 56 items

I decided to categorize to help me keep track of what is leaving!

Here is clarification on categories:

Crafts: Things like patterns, fabric, spools of ribbon, etc.

Decor: Any home decorations…in January most of the home decor that left was from Christmas decorations!

Kitchen: Dishes, utensils, etc. but no food!

Other: All that other random stuff that doesn’t fall into the above categories!

Here is my pile of stuff to bring to Goodwill! I also have 2 bags to bring to our Pregnancy Center!! I love that it’s leaving!

Now I have 309 items left to reach my goal!

Are you thinking about decluttering in 2010? Here is a video post about getting rid of 30 Things in 30 Days! It is amazing how much you can get rid of if you just get rid of 1 unwanted item a day…easy decluttering!

12 Replies to “Declutter Challenge: January”

  1. Now see, I can’t handle giving up fabric, etc. That’s one area that almost makes me cry to even think about parting with any of my pretties! LOL! Great job this month-keep it up!

    1. I was given a lot of fabric last year & really have too much! The pieces I’ve purchased though, I’m more attached to! 🙂

  2. I am a tosser and January is one of my big decluttering months. My rule is if I have not used it, worn it, or needed it in the last six months out it goes. The only exception to that rule is things like family heirlooms or my good china/crystal which aren’t used every day (after my DH decided to microwave one of my crystal plates and one of my china coffee cups [with gold trim!])

    My decluttering regime starts tomorrow with the dining room. I’m finding it VERY hard to give up my Princess House crystal punch bowl set. I haven’t used it in 12 years but I know as soon as I get rid of it I’ll want it for some event.

  3. I got rid of a bunch of patterns before we moved. They were all for baby/toddler things and I don’t know why I still had them. I also got rid of some fabric and I found that much harder to get rid of.

    You’re off to a great start.

  4. Oh my, you’ve inspired me again!! I’m going to tell my momma about the de-clutter challenge….hmmm…there’s 10 of us in the house, so I think we can easily handle 2 things per day;)

    Thank you for the encouragement – I look forward to a simple way of decluttering.


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