Silicone Baking Cups

I own a 6-cup muffin tin and 2-mini muffin tins. Having just 1 “regular” muffin tin can be a challenge for me when I decide to make cupcakes!

It takes a while to bake 24 cupcakes with 1 tin! Add to that the fact that I have been out of paper cupcake liners for about a year, it gets really tricky! (I didn’t want to spend money on something that would be thrown away!) I typically would end up baking 2 batches of “regular” and 2 batches of “mini” cupcakes with the sides of the tins very generously greased down to prevent sticking!

Enter one of my Christmas gifts, silicone baking cups, from John David’s mamaw.  I was very excited when I opened them because I had  been wanting to try them out, but I was a tiny bit skeptical of their performance abilities.

I documented my trial run with the cute flower shaped silicone baking cups:

Here they are, with a little cooking spray to prevent sticking! I think the flowers are really cute!

Filled up with muffin batter and in my lone muffin tin!

Here are the other 6 filled up and sitting in a baking dish…I just had to try and see if they would work without the muffin tin support!

The muffins baked up wonderfully and came out of the cups with no problem!

Here are the “unsupported” muffins! They baked up just the same which is very exciting because it means I don’t have to buy another muffin tin now! (I could even get rid of the one I have…that’s a thought!)

Since the cups were greased and the muffins came out without sticking, washing these was really easy! (I don’t think it would be much fun at all if the muffins stuck!)

My experience with silicone baking cups was wonderful! I think they are a wonderful kitchen investment because they eliminate the need for both muffin tins and paper liners! Less kitchen clutter and waste!

You can purchase a 12-pack of silicone baking cups under $10 on I’m sure you could do even better finding them on clearance or even at yard sales! But they’re completely worth the “extra” investment over paper liners!!

Have you tried silicone baking cups? What is your opinion?

If you’ve never tried them do you think you’ll try silicone baking cups out?

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9 Replies to “Silicone Baking Cups”

  1. I bought some silicone cups after Halloween ’cause they were cheap, but haven’t used them yet. You’ve encouraged me to take them out soon and try them–even if they are orange and purple! I didn’t realize you could just sit them on a cookie sheet. (They’re just regular shaped, not cute like yours!)

  2. I do not have the muffin molds, but I DO have silicone break loaf mold, and two round baking molds. We bought them as the 3 pack from Gabriel Brothers (a closeout place) for $12. I wanted them for Christmas 2008. I got them and LOVE THEM!

    Everything cooks evenly. I’ve made brownies in them, cakes, bread, caseroles and even cook chicken or porkchops in them for dinners. I’ve contemplated buying a few of the baking sheets for cookies.

    The best thing about them is the cleanup. Nothing ever sticks.


  3. Does anyone find that these leave a plastic taste to your baked goods? I bought some almost two years ago and once used them twice cause everything tasted like plastic, yuck.

    1. I didn’t notice any type of plastic taste with these. I also have a silicone mini-loaf pan and have never noticed a taste to that either. I’m sure it just depends on the brand and the type of silicone that was used (and I know nothing about the types of silicone!)

  4. I dont have the original box, but I dont think you have to spray them. BUT…I DO spray them lightly JUST IN CASE. Better safe than sorry.

    Katie – did you get a good name brand? Mine dont leave a taste at all.

    Of course, I dont remember the brand we got, but I know they were reasonable considering I’ve been using them for over a year and no sign of wear or tear. They dont rust like regular baking pans.


  5. I did it! Today, I bought the silicone baking cups from Amazon. Qty. 12 for $9.99 (I added them on an order I had with free shipping.)

    I am now looking for recipes for muffins! I found out that people make meals in their muffin tins. I cant see some of the recipes here at work, but you better believe I’m going to research it when I get home! 🙂


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