Casserole Mishap

Last night I had one of my biggest kitchen disasters…you know the kind of disaster that makes you want to cry!

Our neighbors had a baby girl on Monday and I wanted to fix them a nice, hot dinner! I even broke out all of the disposable casserole dishes and containers so there would be no clean up on their part! I started cooking around 2:15 because dinner was promised between 5:15-5:30! All was going well for the first 2 hours, the chicken casserole looked beautiful, the brownies baked up perfect and my hash brown casserole looked delicious!

Around 4:30 I put the chicken casserole in the oven because it needed to  bake for 45 minutes. I also pulled the hash brown casserole out of the oven to check its status (those little potatoes seem to take forever to soften.)

Here is where I tell you that since I cooked everything in disposable pans, I was cooking the hash brown casserole in a pie pan, and the pie pan was heaping full of yummy hash brown goodness!

All was well, the hash brown casserole was looking good, so I stuck a piece of foil on the top to keep it from drying out, put on my oven mit and proceeded to put it back in the oven…but that was not to be!

The pie pan gave way and about 1/4 of the casserole plopped down onto the oven door and since the oven door wasn’t completely flat but tilted every so slightly (another bad habit of mine), it proceed to run from the door down, a little into the oven and a lot in the crack between the oven door and oven!

At this point my first thought was to turn off the oven, sit down on the floor, call my husband while crying and ask “what do I do?!?!” However, I realized although it was bad that I just had to make the most of it because this dinner was not for me!

I proceeded to scoop as many hash browns from the mess on the door, in the crack and on the floor. Then I took a wet rag and tried my very best to get as much of the casserole remnants wiped up! After about 10 minutes of the oven door wide open (while still on, I just didn’t have the time to turn it off) I got the huge mess to a reasonable point of cleanliness and was able to proceed with cooking!

The oven (after the initial clean up):

The door, some of the smear towards the top of the door (the right of the picture) is from the clean up process, the actual casserole landed on the bottom corner of the glass and down from there! I think it looks mighty clean considering…

Here is another shot…there was hash brown casserole all in that crack and into the oven too! It was horrible! (And see the nasty inside of the oven too…um…)
So, this was by far my worst kitchen disaster (I think partially due to the fact that I was on a time schedule cooking for another family!) However, I’m sure there are many more left to come! And, I’m just thankful that I did not burn myself while frantically attempting to clean a hot oven!

Now, it’s time to get that oven fully cleaned…

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    1. I was able to get dinner to them, even the rest of the hashbrown casserole that didn’t fall out! Other than this slight mishap, everything turned out wonderfully!! 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, I totally feel for you (and understand!!). After I had an awful kitchen disaster the other day, mom told me that “at least I was trying, because you can never get better if you don’t try!” Very true.

    I’m sure that the meal turned out wonderful and your neighbors were blessed!!

  2. Uhhgg! My kitchen mishaps always happen when I’m making food to bring to someone or to a party. When it’s just my husband and I, everything turns out fine! Why is that?!

    1. It does seem that the problems happens when I’m making food for others! I often experiment with new dishes and last year I tried a new dish when we had company over…I mean how bad could it be with chicken, green beans and lemon? Well, it was horrible and I was so embarrassed, a nice lesson in humility!!

  3. Boy have I had my share of kitchen disasters!!! And it always happens right when you are busiest or have company coming. But, as a mom of 7, I have learned to take all these things in stride. Leave it in the Lord;s hand!!!


  4. I guess that’s another reason to live green and not use the flimsy throw away dishes. You probably were not use to thinking about the pan not being sturdy. Maybe that’s why our grandmother’s didn’t use throwaways. As I think about it, sending a dish to a friend’s house allows you a second visit to pick it up or a visit from them to your house to bring it home. I guess technically, using the throwaway dishes robs us of fellowship time with our friends:)

  5. Don’t despair these things happen:)

    Case in point, my “funny” story from years gone by. Eldest daughter (now 30) was a very busy/naughty two year old. I was cooking supper when I got a call from the hospital (my dad was having a triple bypass). Darling daughter saw this moment whilst pots boiled over on the stove & mommy was on the phone as a great opportunity to grab a pair of kitchen shears off the counter & run into the living room.

    In my attempt to not end an important call and save my lightening fast daughters life I tried to kick the scissors from her hand with my foot (I had a triple long extension cord just for moments like these) while still talking to the nurse. Instead I kicked the couch & broke my big toe!

    Long and short of it was dad was fine, daughter did not cut an artery, the stove was a mes, I cried, hubbie came home and I limped off to take a nap in a dark room with a cold cloth on my forehead and & plenty of Excederin. At some point you do laugh, sort of:)

    Awaiting His Shout,

    1. I must admit I laughed at your story! The chaos of everyday…I’m sure once our baby arrives I will begin to have many more mishaps and stories to tell!

      My husband and I are already laughing at this incident…of course it didn’t involve any broken bones!!

    1. I just wish I would have thought to take pictures with all of the hashbrowns all over the oven…that really would have told the story! But I was too busy trying to keep myself calm and not sit on the floor and cry!!

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