Paxton’s Closet Makeover

When we moved into our home, the wire shelving unit in our guest room closet was in horrible condition! We took the shelving unit out, painted the closet and left it empty since there was no one using the room (and I figured by not putting shelving back in I’d be less tempted to use it for storage!)

Since the guest room is in the process of becoming the nursery, it was time to get some shelving in the closet! While John David’s dad was visiting for Christmas they (with a little bit of my input) designed and built shelving and put in closet rods!!

This closet is very wide and shallow with just one door. We wanted to make the most use of the space so it’s not what you would think of when you think closet but I love it!

Here it is:

Well, isn’t that exciting…nothing! At this point in time there is nothing at the closet entrance! We are undecided if we are going to put any kind of shelving or anything up here do to space constraints (it’s very shallow remember!)

When you look in the closet, this is what is on the left side. They built 2 deep shelves with closet rods underneath them on each side. The top shelves are perfect for storing bigger clothes and then I have  closet rods and a nice, deep shelf to store things in!

The other view of the left side of the closet! All of these items are shower gifts, his bedding & the first outfit we bought him!

Here’s the right side…it’s exactly the same!! On this shelf I currently have blankets, his plush toys, cloth diapers & bibs!

The bottom view….that precious outfit hanging up was John David’s!! And here are Paxton’s books, shoes  & toys!!

The closet is not a typical closet at all but I think it maximizes our space and it will also be perfect when we have  2 children sharing this room, they’ll each have their own side of the closet which will make it easier for Mama to keep it organized!

And excuse the disorganization, at this point everything of Paxton’s (minus his stroller, high chair, bath tub, bed & dresser, which are in the basement) is in the closet…the room still looks like the guest room without baby things strewn everywhere so once we get the dresser upstairs and I can start putting clothes and shoes in there I’ll start to organize it a little better! (And I’ll post pictures after showers and once the nursery is put together!)

*The total cost for the closet was less than $50 and it’s much higher quality and looks nicer than a metal closet system!

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