Choosing Cloth Diapers

About 2 1/2 years ago I started to become more environmentally conscious and began recycling, using cloth napkins and replacing paper towels with rags and kitchen towels.

During this time I also started researching cloth diapers. I knew we were a couple of years away from having children but I wanted to be educated about cloth diapering! I visited numerous websites, watched videos and read other blog posts about cloth diapering and John David and I decided then that we would cloth diaper!

After my initial researching I stopped looking into diapers since we weren’t expecting. Once we found out we were expecting I thought about my plan to cloth diaper but at that point I wasn’t 100% committed!

Then we kept my 4-month-old niece for a week in October and saw how many diapers a baby goes through! Honestly, I felt guilty throwing all of those disposables into our trash! Our weekly trash amount doubled (we rarely go through a kitchen trash bag a week due to recycling everything that recycles and composting!) Then there was the smell…John David had to take off those stinky diapers to the dump that week (we typically go dump our trash about once a month because there isn’t much and since there is no food waste it rarely smells!)

Once the baby left we began talking about diapering. We decided that based simply on the cost of disposables and the fact that he would have to go to the dump once a week that we were going to cloth diaper! This was not even considering the fact that cloth is better for the environment and that we would be able to save a lot of money by using cloth diapers on our other children!

Once we decided we were going to cloth diaper the research began again! I read good reviews about Bum Genius, Happy Heineys and Fuzzi Bunz! I asked for recommendations from cloth diapering Mamas too. Sidnie at Green Enough for Me recommended Fuzzi Bunz. One of my friends from church, who cloth diapered her boys said she liked Bum Genius the best.

Since we were going to visit my family (and my niece) I decided we should purchase some cloth diapers and do a little diaper experiment! It’s one thing to read about a diaper and look at it but it’s an entirely different experience to actually test them out!

I looked into the Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size first and discovered that the maker of Bum Genius (Cotton Babies) were also making 2 other cloth diapers, the Econobum and the Flip so I decided that we would start by trying out those 3 diapers!


Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size

Flip Diaper

To be continued…Choosing Cloth Diapers: The Econobum

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  1. My husband and I used cloth diapers through all of our 4 children. We did not however have the types that you have displayed here, we used the traditional diapers and rubber pants (to include pins). We kept a five gallon bucket with a lid (I believe it was initially something like joint compound) in the closet of the bathroom. We would rinse the soiled diapers out if necessary using the dunking method in the commode and then place them in the bucket that included a few inches of water and little bleach (thus the reason this was kept in a closed closet with a handle that babies and toddlers can’t open). Each evening (or every other evening if possible) I would take the bucket to the washing machine, dump in it and run it though a spin cycle to remove the liquid and then launder as usual. All items were then thrown into a wicker basket that fit neatly under the crib. It was very easy.

  2. We used fuzzi bunz with our little boy and loved them! I think they are really similar to bum genius. They honestly were no extra effort and I felt like we had more “blow outs” during the few times we traveled by plane and had to use disposables than we ever did with the fuzzi bunz.
    My son is 16 months now and very tall for his age. We recently had to stop using the cloth diapers because since he’s bigger now, he has fewer wet diapers during the day, but that little bladder holds more, so when he does go, he would completely soak through to his clothes. We tried doubling up and putting two inserts in, but then the diaper was so bulky that his pants wouldn’t fit right. If I bought pants to fit the diaper, then they were too big in the waist and vice versa.
    So… I think I might give G-diapers a try because the waste we are creating with the disposables is sickening! I like that the G-diaper inserts are disposable but biodegradable or flushable, but I’m not sure how they are on absorbancy.
    Good luck with your cloth diapering! I have no doubt you will love it!
    Oh, and we used Charlie’s Soap clean them because that is what was recommended and loved it so much we use it for all of our laundry now 🙂

  3. Those look great! Aren’t they fun to shop for? One thing that’s rare, but something to take into account before buying a whole stash is that some babies are sensitive to synthetics (PUL, microfleece) and need cotton and wool only. That’s how my littlest one is, he could only use the prefolds left over from his sister’s diaper stash..

  4. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the diapers.
    We’re expecting in July and I’m very worried about the extra expense of diapers! This was so helpful. Keep us updated!!!
    Thanks for your wonderful blog posts!

  5. I’m glad to hear about your adventure! Thuogh I have a 1 1/2 year old son, I”m just now trying out cloth diapers. I finally convinced my husband of the economical and earth benefits!

    I have been given some traditional cloth diapers with the plastic pants, but have also beend doing my research. I am currently trying out the bum genius and gdiapers. The bum genius are nice for the all in one idea, but you still have to wash the entire diapers and insert. The gdiapers have sort of a ‘sling’ that the insert lays in, and only has to be washed if its soiled. Thuogh they are not one size fits all, you need many less. I have 6, and 24 inserts. I’ve only had to wash a few of the covers, though I’ll be washing them every other week or so regardless, just to be clean 🙂

  6. We used cloth diapers from day one on all four of our kids. I think I spent $200 (8yrs ago) up front and that was it. Now before you think I went overboard with quantities, and thus cost. It is probably important to know that I had twins my first pregnancy. Also, I bought two sizes immediately. That way I could use them all the way until we potty trained and not have to bother ordering more after they babies were born. (I was planning ahead, thinking that it was going to be crazy and it was!). Because of food sensitivies that the babies ( it was passed on through my breast milk)had at about 4-5 months and thus raw diaper rashes that would not go away until the affecting food was eliminated I started Elimination Communication and this decreased the time all of my kids were in diapers.
    The diapers we bought were Bum Genius and at the time I believe there were a small homebased business out of Colorado, but have since sold to someone else. I don’t think they had a “grow with you size “that I thought I saw in the above post. I have to say that I love them. My 2 yr old still wears them to bed. They have more than paid for themselves. They are just about worn out, but what can you say they made it through 4 kids!! But I do have to say that with this last child I have used bleach on them and put them in the dryer, so maybe thats why. I would recommend them to anyone considering cloth diapers. They really are very easy, not like the pin and plastic diaper covers of the past.
    Rachel, since you know how to sew, you should google, sewing patterns for them. You can make them and put PUL in them to make them “waterproof”. I don’t exactly know who has the pattern, but I have read blogs where mothers have made the diapers. I would include the links, but I don’t remember who’s blog nor do I know how to do the link thingy! If I come across them again I will let you know. I don’t know how cost effective it would be to make them, but I ‘m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out.
    Why one would make them if it cost more than purchasing is beyond me, but that is just me:)

    When the twins were first born, we tried to use disposables, when would would travel, but they got rashes from the dispsables!!! It’s was sometimes a pain to travel with cloth with twins (you know double the amount of poopy diapers!!!), but we eventually developed a system. Although it was a hassle with traveling it was a must!! Good Luck and keep us posted!!

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