Giving Homemade Gifts

This Christmas I made a few Christmas presents! I enjoy sewing and love sharing my creations with my family and friends! Plus, I was given a few boxes of fabric this past summer and was able to use that fabric to make all of my projects!

The pinwheel patchwork quilt I made for my sister-in-law, Jill. It’s a classic looking quilt with fun colors!

Close up of the back, binding, and quilt top!

The finished quilt! It’s not perfect but I think it’s beautiful! In fact, it’s the favorite quilt that I’ve made so far!

I made this bag for my sister using a vintage pattern from the 70s!

Close up of the pretty pink fabric!

I made the same bag for Jill, just with a different fabric!

Pretty red flower print!

Hopefully next year I’ll have time to make even more homemade gifts to share with friends and family!!

2 Replies to “Giving Homemade Gifts”

  1. I love those bags, super cute for the spring and summer! Sewing is so relaxing for me, when I am stressed my hubby tells me to go make something! I might just have to make a bag for myself this summer! have a great week!

  2. I love your sewing blogs! I love to sew as well, am finishing up the quilt I started for my daughter’s birthday…I am so in love with it!

    You should start some sewing for the baby. sewing for babies is the best, although I didn’t do it when my kids were young I really enjoy it now.

    You do great work, keep it up. Hope you keep posting the picks of your sewing 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂


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