Basement Organization Part 2

I’m finally happy with how my basement is organized! This is the first time I can say that since we’ve lived here! Two weekends ago we spent a few hours in the basement and got it looking pretty good (Part 1). This past weekend we just did a little decluttering and organizing!



I realize there is not much difference in the before and after shot. The biggest difference is the camping/hunting gear on the right side. However we did manage to get rid of 2 bags of stuff that is no longer useful to us!

We’re now planning to put a guest room down in the basement! We’re going to be evaluating our budget and saving money so we can do that within the next 6 months.

Once we get the room put in, we plan to put some shelving up so we can get a lot of this stuff off the floor and organized even better but for now I’m perfectly content with how the basement looks!

One Reply to “Basement Organization Part 2”

  1. How I wish we have a basement. Good job with the cleaning! Our garage looks worse than your basement and sad thing is, I keep on decluttering. We just have too much stuff. I wish it’s spring so I can do another yard sale. Congrats on your baby, btw. Ive been lurking your blog for so long.

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