Less is Best

Yesterday I finally loaded up my car and dropped a huge load of stuff off! I’ve put off my trip to Goodwill for a couple months and I was sick of looking at the piles of unwanted stuff in my garage!!

I am constantly decluttering our home and it just amazes me that we can accumulate a car full of unwanted stuff so fast! (We don’t shop all the time and we rarely buy clothes!)

It felt great to load up the car and see how much cleaner the basement looked! Of course dropping off all this stuff off at Goodwill and knowing that my unwanted stuff is going to help disadvantaged people find jobs is definitely a Finer Thing!

One Reply to “Less is Best”

  1. I’m slowly learning to declutter. It is so hard with the kids’ stuff. I always thing “the next child” will like that, too, so let’s not get rid of it. It DOES feel good to clear out space, though!

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