21 Weeks

Today I’m 21 weeks pregnant! It’s been a week of blessings! Yesterday we found out our baby is healthy and everything looks great and we’re having a baby boy! God is also providing for our needs for this little one!

I thought I’d wear a nice baby blue shirt to celebrate our baby boy!!

Here is the proud daddy!

My belly is growing! As I’m writing this, our little guy is moving around…how wonderful to feel our sweet baby!!

We’ve been extremely blessed this week with things for our sweet boy (& me)!

Last week I found out I won a nursing cover! It arrived Monday and I love the fabric!!

Thursday night the Simmerman’s gave us a changing table! It’s a light wood colored changing table and I love it! I am getting excited about beginning the nursery!!

Then Sunday night a lady a church blessed me with 2 bags of maternity clothes! There were several cute tops, a great pair of black lounge pants and a like new pair of Old Navy maternity jeans (I needed another pair of jeans!)

God has been so good to us and it’s amazing to see the ways he provides for our physical needs!

3 Replies to “21 Weeks”

  1. Everyone around me is pregnant! All 3 of my office coworkers are pregnant, then there is a couple more in my wing… wow. This year has been quite eventful for the increase in population. 😉

    Congratulations! Boys are so much fun!

  2. Wow, 21 weeks already! Congratulations on the little boy:) Keep feeling good!


    p.s. I love that his nursery is “farm” themed!! That’s the best way to go lol! (I love the farm too).

  3. Isn’t it just amazing how God provides for our needs! All throughout my pregnancy, we’ve seen Him provide in incredible ways!

    Congrats on the baby boy!! How fun!!

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