It’s a…


John David captured me anxiously awaiting the doctor’s arrival for our ultrasound! I was nervous and exciting and just praying for a completely healthy baby!!

Our baby boy is healthy and measuring wonderfully! He weighs approximately 1 pound (I’m 20 weeks 6 days).

Yummy bubble gum cigar from the doctor photographed on Daddy’s jeans!

After we left the doctor’s office we called our parents and sisters and then went to Belk to buy a baby outfit! This is the very first baby outfit that we have purchased for our little one!

We both loved the baby buckaroo outfit! It’s quite fitting for our little man who is going to have a farm nursery!!

So sweet!!

Now the remaining questions…when will he be born and what will he look like! (I hope our son looks just like his daddy!!)

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  1. Congratulations!!

    I haven’t found out the gender of any of my three babies until their births, but it’s exciting news no matter when you get it. 🙂

    I have one boy and two girls- the boy was first and I remember I was just happy as can be to have a precious little son to love on.

    Many blessings to your sweet growing family!

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