Basement Organization Part 1

Our basement has been low on our priority list of household projects! Since we’ve lived in our home almost a year and we have a baby on the way we’ve decided that we need to get the basement organized! We spent about 2.5 hours in the basement Saturday afternoon decluttering, getting rid of trash, sweeping, and organizing! We made quite a bit of progress!!

Right side of basement door:


This area had all of John David’s tools and some of his old toys in it. We wanted to get his tools organized and move stuff from this side of the basement. We would like to add a guest room in the basement here sometime in the future (once we save some money for the project!) If we keep it clean, when it comes time to make a room we won’t have to clean it out!


We moved all the tools!! We just need to get the toys organized and moved but I’m loving the clean floor!!

Left side of basement door:


We had a big table with deer processing equipment and oil supplies over in the corner. It was fairly clean on this side but we made it look great!


We made this the tool area!! John David hung up tool brackets on the wall and we pushed the table against the wall for a work area/tool storage! It looks great and he now has a man space that looks great and will be much more user friendly!

That is all we accomplished but I’m feeling great about our progress!

This is our next project, the back right side! We have packing materials, seasonal items, hunting and camping gear, and old toys to get organized! A couple hours one evening or Saturday should get this little project knocked out!

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