Financial Goals Update: October

1. Save 3 months living expenses by December 31.Yay!! We reached this goal in July!! It’s wonderful knowing that we have a fully funded emergency fund!!

2. Pay $3,000 towards our “small loan”.We completely paid off this loan in June!! 🙂

3. Make an extra principal payment every month. We made a total of $261.50 in extra principal payments from both of our checks!

4. Keep all Miscellaneous spending (Medicine, Toiletries, Clothing, Gifts, everything but food) under $100 a month. We only spent $26.53 this month (low spending month for us!)

5. Sell $500 worth of stuff from around our home by July 31 December 31. Didn’t sell anything in October…I’m lacking motivation to get things listed on Craigslist!

I’m already starting to think about the goals for 2010…hard to believe its almost that time! My husband and I will sit down and look over our budget and finances and set some new goals for the new year very soon!

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