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A Few Hours Saves Hours | Frugal & Simple

A Few Hours Saves Hours

Today was a successful baking day! I didn’t have plans for cooking a lot but I needed to make pinto beans and red beans to freeze so that’s where I started at 10 this morning! Right before lunch I began my bread and let it rise and then after lunch I mixed cinnamon roll dough and pizza dough to rise! I finished up completely (with the kitchen cleaned and after a 30 minute nap) at 4:30! (I did not spend the entire day in the kitchen, I did some laundry, transcribing, and spent some time on the computer also.)

My bread…it turned out wonderfully and tastes delicious!

I ended up with 5-1 1/2 cup jars of seasoned pintos, 2-1 1/2 cups of unseasoned pintos (for casseroles), and 3- 1 1/2 cups of red beans!

I have 2-4 packs of cinnamon rolls and 1-5 pack for the freezer!

2 bags of pizza dough (makes preparing homemade pizza so easy!)

Everything I made to freeze (minus the bread…which we’ll eat tonight!)

We had more pintos that we’ll have for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow! (Yum!)

And here are the cinnamon rolls (my glaze isn’t very pretty but they taste good…as you can see, one is missing!) I used all whole-wheat flour…next time I won’t try to be as healthy and will stick with white flour!