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Hand-me-down Maternity Clothes | Frugal & Simple

Hand-me-down Maternity Clothes

I am very blessed that my sister, who is my size, had a baby in June and had several articles of maternity clothes that I can use! This is the perfect start to my maternity wardrobe (which I’m not planning on spending much on!) She brought a couple bags of some really cute clothes!

The shirts: 2 black shirts (1 with embellishment, 1 without), a brown/gold tank that I will probably just layer with since I’m due in April & ┬ánot in the summer, white long sleeve shirt, pink/navy blue stripe shirt, blue floral shirt, pink floral, and striped shirt!

3 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, brown capris & black capris (if it gets warm in March & April I’ll be able to wear the capris!)

She also had 3 really cute dresses!

I think this is a great foundation to my wardrobe. I purchased a pair of black dress pants (on sale at Belk for $7 & I paid with a gift card…no out of pocket expense for me!) A lady at church is going to give me some of her maternity clothes too, once I get those I will be able to make a further assessment of the items that I need to get me through the winter and the next 6 months!

Any suggestions on items that you wore throughout your pregnancy that I don’t have so far that you would recommend? Also, what are your favorite maternity brands in terms of quality and price?