Hand-me-down Maternity Clothes

I am very blessed that my sister, who is my size, had a baby in June and had several articles of maternity clothes that I can use! This is the perfect start to my maternity wardrobe (which I’m not planning on spending much on!) She brought a couple bags of some really cute clothes!

The shirts: 2 black shirts (1 with embellishment, 1 without), a brown/gold tank that I will probably just layer with since I’m due in April &  not in the summer, white long sleeve shirt, pink/navy blue stripe shirt, blue floral shirt, pink floral, and striped shirt!

3 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, brown capris & black capris (if it gets warm in March & April I’ll be able to wear the capris!)

She also had 3 really cute dresses!

I think this is a great foundation to my wardrobe. I purchased a pair of black dress pants (on sale at Belk for $7 & I paid with a gift card…no out of pocket expense for me!) A lady at church is going to give me some of her maternity clothes too, once I get those I will be able to make a further assessment of the items that I need to get me through the winter and the next 6 months!

Any suggestions on items that you wore throughout your pregnancy that I don’t have so far that you would recommend? Also, what are your favorite maternity brands in terms of quality and price?

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  1. Wow, that’s awesome!!! I love those dresses! I’ve had 4 people give me maternity clothes, but I was smaller to begin with than any of them, so I haven’t been able to get much use out of them yet. I’m hoping that I can wear some of those clothes during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I have very narrow shoulders, so most maternity clothes (even small sizes) don’t fit me properly. What I’ve done instead, is just buy a size larger than normal of regular clothes. That’s worked really well for me so far. I bought a denim skirt at Motherhood back when I was about 4 months pregnant, and it’s my go-to skirt. Love it, and wear it all the time! I felt like I spent a fortune on it, but it’s been worth it. It’s the only thing I’ve gotten at Motherhood though. Do ya’ll have Ross where you live? They have really cheap but cute maternity shirts. I’ve gotten several there. Oh, another thing you might want to look into is a belly band. They sell them at Target in the maternity clothes section. It’s a spandex-y type of band that you can wear over regular pants or skirts that don’t button/zip anymore. It’s really helpful! It’s kind of wide, so I just folded it in half before my belly got as big as it is now. It allows me to still wear regular skirts at 8 months preggo.

    Ok, sorry this is such a long comment! I was trying to think of all the ideas I could 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. I don’t have to dress up much so I was able to get by with just a few pairs of jeans, a fleece, and some t-shirts. I also had 1 nice outfit for dressing up. My motto was that if I was sick of my clothes by the time I had the baby, I would work all that much harder to get back into my regular clothes after I had him!

  3. For me maternity underthings were the most important, I needed to be comfy, so I allocated budget funds for that. Using what others give you and saving the difference is a great strategy.

  4. My fav Maternity clothing was the belly Band… It was great to have when i was starting to schow and my pre pregnancy pants didn’t quite fit and my t-shirts didn’t quite cover up.. and then through out pregnancy I wore them quite a bit… I bought a classic black, a White and a Black and white print… They are also great for post partum too to cover up when breat feeding…..
    http://www.motherhoodcanada.ca/maternity/belly-bands.asp hope this helps

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