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15 weeks | Frugal & Simple

15 weeks

Here I am at 15 weeks! The weeks seem like they are going by faster now…which is exciting and stressful! I have a list of projects and things around the house that I would like to have done by early March (1 1/2 months before the baby arrives) which only gives us about 4 months (yikes)!

I am excited that my belly is growing especially since I can’t feel the baby yet! I am anxiously awaiting that day…my ob said anywhere between 16-20 weeks so hopefully sometime soon I’ll start feeling our little one move!! We have been asked over and over if we are going to find out the gender and the answer is YES! Before I was pregnant I wanted to wait but since I found out I was ¬†pregnant I’ve been very anxious to know! We should find out around week 20 (first week of December) what the gender is! So far I have no “feelings” one way or the other regarding the gender.

My pants continue to get tighter, the only pants of mine I’m wearing are really low cut ones as well as 2 pair of jeans that were given to me that are 1 size bigger…so far those have sufficient space! I have a feeling that in 2-3 weeks I’ll be wearing maternity jeans.

I’m feeling normal with only a few weird food aversions that are lingering from my morning sickness. I have to get up about 3-4 times every night to use the restroom…that’s a bit inconvenient! I really believe that women have their memory effected by pregnancy…I do and say things that are just a little crazy!

It really hasn’t sank in (at least for me) that in 25 weeks we are going to have a tiny little person that we will be fully responsible for although its getting more real each and every week!