Winterizing the Garden

We decided this morning that this was not going to be another lazy Saturday! We woke up at 8, partially due to the fact that we had HVAC Tech coming to look at our heat pump this morning. Once he left we ate breakfast and headed out to the garden.

Here’s an idea of what the garden looked like:

Our lasagna garden early this summer. Now picture this (I didn’t think to take before shots): we haven’t been out to the garden since August 22 (when morning sickness set in), all of the remaining vegetables rotted and the weeds and grass that were in the beds over took them!

We pulled up the old plants, pulled up the tomato stakes, and then John David mowed the whole area! After the area was cleaned off we put hay down in each of the beds.

Here’s the garden now! It only took 1 bale of hay to do the entire garden of 7 beds! We have an extra bale that we plan to put down later this winter.

The only surviving plant is mint from John David’s Mamaw which is growing prolifically!

I’m so glad we got this done!

Our compost pile is now piled high with corn stalks, tomato stalks, bell pepper plants & peppers, and everything else that was left in the garden!

Now that this big job is done we are pretty much done with the garden until next spring. We do plant to put additional newspapers down in some of the beds (lasagna gardening method) along with the additional hay! If the weeds stay out, then we will be ready to begin planting in the spring with no extra work!

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  1. Hey, I think that it should say set in instead of sat in about the morning sickness and check the last paragraph, it should be plan not plant.Thought that you would appreciate it. I hope!

    Love ya,

  2. I just had to publish the first comment from my mom (a.k.a. my editor!!) If I make a mistake, she will find it! 🙂

  3. I really need to get home and get ours started for next year. I am so excited to start the Lasagna garden for next year. Gurney’ is already offering free shipping on plants. Do you and John David like berries? If so, I recommend the ones from! My friend (a gardner) swears by them. They are expensive, but I had HUGE amounts of berries this Fall before going into the hospital. I may buy some Spring berries so I can have berries in Spring & Fall. This fall was the first year we got berriest from our original canes, and they produced like crazy! Now… I’m just rambling. I pretty much just wanted to thank you for posting pictures of the lasasgna garden and cleanup.

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