Hand-me-down Blessings

When you’re on a really tight budget you have to really watch your spending and trust that God will provide for your every need. In our budget we have a “Miscellaneous” category, which is $75 a month and this includes everything but food (vitamins, dog food, toiletries, gifts and even clothing). The cost of just a few articles of clothing can add up very quickly on our lean budget! Thankfully I have a sister and sister-in-law that are pretty much my size and I get their hand-me-downs which are an absolute blessing to me!

This past weekend we visited John David’s family and while there I received some hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law!

All of my “new” clothes!
1 dress
2 pants
6 short sleeve shirts
2 long sleeve t-shirts

I’m so thankful that we’ve been so blessed with clothing from our families to help us stay within our budget!

I’m not trying to make anybody feel sorry for us! We have chosen our lifestyle with me working limited part-time and also paying a little extra on our mortgage every month. We know that we have to make some material sacrifices like not having new clothing, eating out a lot, taking fancy vacations and driving new cars but we are happy with our life and lifestyle and are just appreciative when we are blessed with what we need!

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  1. Hand me down are great!!! I also purchase items from Ebay. I just started buying for myself, as I have lost 40lbs since december 08. Oh, I needed clothes badly:-) I have always bought my daughter’s play and hang around the house clothes from Ebay.
    God will bless your family for the smart financial choices you and John David make.

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