Nothing but Love

This is a story I love to share about the moment I realized I was really and truly married. We had been married maybe 5 months and I came home one day from class and there in the middle of my floor when I walked in the door was a pile of dirt! Well, instead of thinking “What’s this?” or “He swept but didn’t have enough sense to use the dustpan,” my thought was “Oh my goodness, he loves me!” At that moment I realized that I wouldn’t have had that reaction if there had been a dozen roses on the table but a little pile of dirt in my floor showed me love! Wow! (You also have to know that we have the understanding that I take care of the housework, cooking, etc and he is responsible for making money, yard work, and those household projects I can’t do!)

Well, I share this story because a few nights ago I heard a lot of commotion in the kitchen and once it quieted down I went in there and saw a huge bowl of chopped red peppers! He cut up my peppers for me so I can freeze them! Again, I felt so loved by this kind act from him (knowing full well that there are about a million things he would rather do than chop peppers!)

He chopped up enough peppers for 9 heaping cups!

I love my wonderful husband!!

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  1. Awww, that’s really sweet! Sometimes my hubby will do nice things like that for me too, and it really does warm your heart. Simple acts of love…Ahhhh.

    I really enjoyed looking around your blog. I am originally a Tennesseean, but now I am a nomadic military wife. I’ll be back! =)

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