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Mexican Night | Frugal & Simple

Mexican Night

When you’re on a tight budget one of the easiest ways to save money is to avoid restaurants! I can make 3-4 meals at home for what is costs to go out to eat once! With that in mind I like to recreate some of our favorite restaurant foods at home. I make homemade pizza, we will have “Cracker Barrel” food (fried chicken, hashbrown casserole, & pintos…our favorites there), Spinach Dip and Mexican food! This past Saturday night was Mexican night!

Look at those peppers! The Red & Green are from my garden, the Yellow and Orange were given to us!

John David’s mom sent us an Horchata mix! (Horchata is a Mexican rice and cinnamon drink that’s delicious!) I mixed it up with whole milk and it was delicious and tasted a lot like Horchata’s we get at Mexican restaurants!

John David enjoying the Horchata!

Mexican night was fun (& frugal since it cost under $4 for everything!)