Small Yard Sale Finds

I went to a yard sale up the road this morning and came back with nice decorative touches…

I found 2 of these little easels that can stand alone or be hung on the wall for $.75 each!

This one makes a nice addition to this boring digital clock…it really dresses it up!

The other easel I’m using to hold this beautiful tray! I’ve always had to prop it up against the bookshelf but now with the easel it can go anywhere!

Here’s my tray now sitting on the coffee table…it looks just beautiful there!

Now, I can’t decide if I should leave them this dark grey color or spray paint them black. Suggestions are welcome!!

4 Replies to “Small Yard Sale Finds”

  1. I dont do well with change.
    I was thinking I liked them the way they are – but I’m obviously out-numbered. 🙂


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